Social Contribution of UMPRI Inbound Student Activities in Pringsewu Special School

Universitas Muhammadiyah Pringsewu (UMPRI) Lampung conducted a Social Contribution activities in Pringsewu Special School. On Friday (21/01), the series that has actualized in Modul Nusantara ended. The UMPRI students joined in inbound Independent Domestic Exchange Student (PMM-DN) UMPRI to lead the event. Twelve students of PMM-DN led Modul Nusantara through the literacy corner establishment.

Pringsewu Special School students have previously received textbooks. Besides books, they were also granted cabinets. It could be beneficial for supporting facilities to establish the literacy corner in Pringsewu Special School. Another advantage earned from the assistance was to instill a culture of literacy in the students. “I hope it can be advantageous for the students and the school,” said Nira Fitria Tauhid MPd as a supervisor in Modul Nusantara.

Kartana SPd as the representative from Pringsewu Special School appreciated PMM-DN students for their social contribution. “Thank you for the UMPRI Inbound Students that have conducted social contribution in Pringsewu Special School. The assistance is very advantageous,” said Kartana. Afterwards, Rahma Faelasofi MSc, the PIC of Pringsewu Special School, also appreciated Pringsewu Special School. “Thank you (to Pringsewu Special School) that has facilitated social contribution activities of PMM-DN. I was expected to assist in literacy achievement, especially for the Pringsewu Special School students,” she said, as reported on the UMPRI site.

Social Contribution of UMPRI Students in Pringsewu Special School

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