UMM Webinar Discussed Digital Citizenship As PPKn Department Challenge

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) collaborated with the Association of Indonesian Pancasila, and Civic Education (AP3KnI) held a joint webinar on Saturday (15/01). The webinar raised the theme “Pancasila in Digital Citizenship Era: Challenges, Opportunities, and Prospect for Resilient and Emergent Indonesia”. The webinar was held by Pancasila and Civic Education (PPKn) department. On this occasion, the Chairman of PPKn department UMM, Drs Moh Mansur, became one of the webinar speakers.

According to Mansur, the digital world rapidly develops and impacts various sectors of human life. For example, the decrease of physical transactions happens in economic aspects due to electronic money. “Besides the digital transaction, the use of social media drags us to involve and connect with the digital world,” he said, as reported on the UMM site.

The other speakers, Prof Dr Kokom Kumalasari MPd, the PPKn lecturer in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia; Sugeng Winarno MA, the Head of Public Relation UMM; and Dr Nurul Zuriah MSi, the PPKn lecturer in UMM, delivered their materials. Prof Kokom highlighted that the PPKn learning process has to integrate the digital world amidst the school culture as nations need. “The teacher should apply the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge framework (TPACK) in the PPKn learning process. The learning strategy should be focused on Contextual Teaching and Learning & Scientific Learning, Self Regulated Learning, Value-based Education, and Blended Learning,” said Prof Kokom.

In line with Prof Kokom’s statements, Dr Nurul Zuriah explained that the digital citizenship concept could not be separated from the Pancasila learning concept. “Pancasila students represent Indonesian students with global competencies and behaviours based on Pancasila values. Afterwards, automatically, they can be a good digital citizen,” she said.

UMM Discussed Digital Citizenship As PPKn Department Challenge

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