UMPO Encourages Digital Advancement in Workshop

Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo (UMPO) held agenda to encourage creative and innovative millennials in digital technology on Friday (25/03). It was covered in a workshop named Digital Entrepreneur Workshop with the theme “The Great Ponorogo through Progressive Digital Economics”. Seven hundred students followed the workshop that Emil Elistiano Dardak, the Vice Governor of East Java, became a speaker.

It aimed to encourage the millennial generation to be creative, innovative to create digital-based products. It also requires East Java Governmental support that has provided various programs supporting the MSME practitioners and content creators. “It aims to have food security during the digital economics era, by developing digital talents. These talents that we will be motivated to create, so that MSME will be reachable for markets,” said Emil, as reported on UM Ponorogo site.

According to Emil, East Java millennials become creative economic locomotives; however, the most important thing before starting a business is to make plans and analyze the target needed to achieve. Afterward, it requires several phases from situation analysis, company potential, objective & strategies, plans, implementation, results, to feedback.

The Rector of UMPO, Dr. Happy Susanto, MA, expected that the workshop would make the participants understand the importance of the digital world. “UMPO has various study programs, and also each student receives an entrepreneurial certificate. It means that UMPO has encouraged students to utilize the digital world,” he said. The Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Science, UMPO, Ayup Dwi Anggoro Ph.D., also presented digital promotion media. [] CHERD

UMPO Encourages Digital Advancement in Workshop

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