UMPP Rectorate Building Officially Established

President of Muhammadiyah Central Board, Prof Haedar Nashir officially inaugurated Universitas Muhammadiyah Pekajangan Pekalongan (UMPP) Rectorate Building in its local campus, Saturday (9/10). Prof. Haedar explained that UMPP was an integral part of 164 PTMAs as Muhammadiyah services (AUM) through education. He assumed that the abundance of AUM not only existed but also became the best in each field because it is in line with Al-Qur’an commands to make Islamic society the best community.

Prof. Haedar hoped that the highest building in Pekalongan regency could create graduates who highly contribute by their studies. “Muhammadiyah certainly tried to build, establish, and develop, and this establishment never felt satisfied. That’s a sign of life,” he said as reported in

In her speech, Rector of UMPP, Nur Izzah, explained that the building construction took a year and 5 months. Meanwhile, the structure has been delayed for approximately 500 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This UMPP rectorate building consists of 7 floors with a total width of 4777 m square, and the budget total was more than 40 m. “The building becomes an icon of Pekalongan, apart from being the highest building, it has a unique shape. It had gone viral in social media, so-called as the headquarters of Avengers,” she said.

She hoped that this iconic building was not only physically strong but also intellectually powerful, which could contribute in the broader scope. The artistic side of the building is intended to beautify the appearance and is also an effort to become a comfortable place for learning. “The building became the supporting facilities because of the three additional study programs in UMPP,” she added.

UMPP Rectorate Building Officially Inaugurated

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