UM Gresik Community Service Program Result Exhibition

Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik (UMG) held Community Service Program (KKN) Result Exhibition, Friday (8/10) and Saturday (9/10). Located in the hallway of Engineering Building UMG, the organizer of the agenda was the Directorate of Research and Community Service (DPPM) UMG, especially the Innovation and Incubation Division. In the exhibition, there were 24 booths consisting of 10 Regular program booths, 9 Thematic program booths, 1 International (Taiwan) program booth, 1 Internship program booth, and 2 Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) program booths. All of UMG program studies followed the Community Service Program for 40 days (for the Regular program) and 2 months (for the Thematic program).

The committee chairman of the Even Semester KKN UMG, Nur Cayhadi, SST., MM., explained that the students had the independence to decide the problem priority to provide the solutions in their KKN area. “For example, Cerme district has their surplus harvested milkfish (bandeng), but they faced the decrease of its selling price. Therefore, the students have the initiative to process the milkfish into innovative products,” he said. He continued, there is an innovative food product for Family Welfare and Empowerment (PKK) and the Youth Organization (Karang Taruna).

The fisheries students underwent the internship program to create innovative products of green shell cultivation with multi-years. The products helped Banyuurip Ujungpangkah community with this cultivation. The committee rewarded the 5 best booths in several criteria, including the theme suitability, the cleanness, the innovative products, and the program sustainability.

Nur Cayhadi hoped the community service program exhibition was continuing in the next year. “And I hope what students did contribute to the community and have a good impact,” he concluded on the official UMG site.

UM Gresik Community Service Program Result Exhibition

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