To Encourage Qualified Publication, LPPM UMKU Held The 2022 CoSHEET

Kudus (28/03) – To improve the human resources of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM), Universitas Muhammadiyah Kudus (UMKU) held The 2022 Conference of Science, Health, Economics, Education, and Technology (CoSHEET). The conference raised the theme “Millennial Generation Existence to Build Creative Human Resources in National Qualified Publication”. It aimed to encourage national writings and qualified publications in various fields.

In the opening remarks, the Rector of UMKu, Rusnoto, SKM, M.Kes (Epid), explained, “Millennial Generation and Demography Bonus in the New Normal Era becomes a challenge and an opportunity for Indonesia in current days and the future. Because they will set the future of Indonesia”. The Rector also highlighted the importance of collaboration. “All parties, the government and business practitioners should prepare millennials as excellent workers and contributors in the 2nd Phase of Demographic Bonus in 2045,” he said. Ninety-one papers from seminar participants have presented the seminar on several topics in Science, Health, Economics, Education and Technology. Five best papers would be invited as Invited Speakers.

The Chairman of LPPM UMKU, Noor Cholifah, S.SiT, MKes explained “Besides UMKU participants, the seminar will be followed by various participants, including the Institute for Health Science Muhammadiyah Palembang, UNISA Yogyakarta, STIKES Kesdam Semarang, Universitas Muhammadiyah Tangerang, Poltekes Kepmenkes Semarang, Universitas Tasik Malaya, and Poltekes Kepmenkes Palembang. The conference aimed to elevate research quality and development for the national reputation”.

The seminar invited three resource persons, comprised (1) The Chairman of the Institute for Higher Education Services (LLDIKTI) Regional VI, Bhimo Widya A, SH, MH, (2) The Chairman of LPM UMTAS, Dr Mujiarto, ST, MT, and (3) The Head of P2M Poltekkes Palembang, Dr Sonlimar Mangunsong, Apt, MKes. The CoSHEET series consisted of five presentations of the best paper, a symposium, and oral presentations where the participants presented their research. The resource persons demonstrated presentation materials. Moreover, the poster of participants’ papers included in printed and online proceedings. [] UM Kudus / CHERD

To Encourage Qualified Publication, LPPM UMKU Held The 2022 CoSHEET

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