UM Metro Launched Studio Podcast, Prof Edy Be The First Speaker

To educate and enlighten the public about actual and contemporary issues, Universitas Muhammadiyah Metro (UM Metro) launched a podcast program by designing it to introduce UM Metro to the broader communities in Indonesia and global. The Deputy Chair of Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education, Research, and Development (CHERD), Prof Edy Suandi Hamid, Wednesday (30/03) with UM Metro Rector, Drs Jazim Ahmad MPd and Podcast Coordinator, Fenny Theresia MPd launched the podcast. After the launch, Prof Edy directly delivered his materials on the “Success with or without privilege” topic led by Arbi, Law Faculty Student.

Prof Edy appreciated the idea of creating podcasts supported by adequate room and facilities. “In the current era, it is not the mainstream media that dominates; however, the IT-based media like this podcast program,” said Prof Edy, a former journalist. On this occasion, Prof Edy suggested the podcast should contain various themes that become communities’ attention by inviting competent experts. It also becomes higher education institutions’ responsibility to provide the correct information and analysis.

“Campus should be concerned with surrounding issues and national problems. To discuss, providing solutions is a higher education institution’s responsibility. So campus can escape an ivory tower that alienates from surroundings,” he said. Moreover, UM Metro Rector explained that he ensures his leadership would bring the campus rapidly develop in information technology and utilize it optimally. “Although we have not established a Communication Science program yet, we can use all communication media to educate and promote our campus,” said the Rector, Jazim Ahmad. [] CHERD

UM Metro Launched Studio Podcast, Prof Edy Be The First Speaker

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