UMM Launched Preeminent Orchid Cultivation and Marketing School

The Biology Science Department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) launched preeminent orchid cultivation and marketing school. The program aimed to support Independent Learning and Independent Campus (MBKM). The school’s objective was to create entrepreneurial skills for the student based on orchid cultivation and marketing.

Dr. Iin Hindun, MKes, as the Head of Biology Department UMM, mentioned the program’s curriculum to encourage students to develop their entrepreneurial skills. They followed the program to complete their recognition to reach 20 Credit Hours (SKS) in their 5th or 7th semester. The internship program through CoE MBKM aimed to establish the campus ideal encouraging the students to graduate in time. “As campus ideal, the students were expected to finish their studies in time. Even faster. It is also expected that the students will get the hob in the short period of time after graduating,” she said on Wednesday (17/08).

The school establishment applied three pillars, including first, the internship, which has been running. Then, it is developed through CoE MBKM. Second, orchid tourist village, as an implementation of Higher Education Tridharma becomes community service in the town. Lastly, the preeminent school which currently established.

As reported on the official UMM site, Dr. Fauzan MPd, as the Rector of UMM, explained that the other study programs required a breakthrough to collaborate with various parties. “I hope every lecturer contributes to the individual and institutional improvement. Especially to support the smart role in contributing to the nations’ problems, as in employment, education, and entreprenuership,” he concluded.

UMM Launched Preeminent Orchid Cultivation and Marketing School

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