UM Surabaya Innovative Product of Semi-Automatic Duck Feed Container

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya team attended the Innovative Product Exhibition last Monday (30/8). With Mochammad Affan Shafry Bukhori as the coordinator, the team has created the innovative product of semi-automatic feed and drink containers for ducks. The innovation they process in Community Service (KKN) Back to Village was conducted in Surabaya Barat by the Institute for Empowerment and Community Service (LPPM) UM Surabaya.

The Head of LPPM UM Surabaya, Dede Nasrullah, explained that previously, KKN was held in a centralized mechanism. However, the pandemic shifted the mechanism because the students domicile spread over. Through the community services, the students created some innovative products and benefits to society. One of them was the team led by Mochammad Affan Shafry Bukhori.

He explained that the duck feed container was an implementation of appropriate technology (TTG). The technology was disseminated to the duck breeder in Tlogo Tanjung village, Bangkingan, Surabaya. “Our team gives the new innovation by creating semi-autonomic feed and drink containers. The breeders feed the ducks manually, so far. We hope that the breeders here save more time and energy,” he said, as reported on the official UM Surabaya site.

In detail, Affan also explained about feeding and drinking the ducks. He said that continuously filling the duck water and feed was less effective. It became the background of their innovative technology’s idea. Afterwards, duck feeding and drinking were related to the increase in duck productivity. The program had 2 goals comprises to ease feeding and drinking and to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

At the closing of KKN program in the campus yard, the Rector of UM Surabaya, Dr dr Sukadiono, MM, appreciated the KKN students who had been done the activity well, although it’s still in the pandemic. “The existence of fresh innovative products shows that the students are smart and full of innovation. They are capable to participate and improve the village quality as the additional values of the students. It shows that the university contribution could disseminate in the wider society,” he added. [] Diktilitbang

UM Surabaya Innovative Product of Semi-Automatic Duck Feed Container

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