UMMAT Student Wins Udayana Chancellor Cup Gold

Universitas Muhammadiyah Mataram (UMMAT) student won Udayana Chancellor Cup ended on Monday (17/10). The championship officially started on Tuesday (11/10) was located in Lila Bhuana Sports Center, Bali. The champion is Nurhamdi Said, a fifth-semester student of the Law Faculty, at UMMAT. He won gold for Tapak Suci (Muhammadiyah Martial Arts) in D Class.

In the first match, the elimination round, Nurhamdi beat I Gede Kurama Kanda Buwana, a State Polytechnic of Bali student. Nurhamdi also defeated I Komang Aditya Jaya Santanu, a Warmadewa University student in the second match. Two consecutive wins took him to the semifinal to beat Abdul Kohobir, a PGRI Mahadewa Indonesia student. And in the last round, Nurhamdi won the championship over Ibnul Karim from Universitas Negeri Surabaya (UNESA).

A Silat trainer from West Nusa Tenggara, Mardiansyah, familiarly known as Coach Dega, had high expectations for Nurhamdi. He hoped that Nurhamdi could join the Student Sports Week (POMNAS). “There is no fixed composition who will join POMNAS as Pencak Silat athletes, but the records of an athlete should be considered,” he said.

Furthermore, he also mentioned that the more athletes will have chances to compete in prestigious events, the more experience they will achieve. It can be their mental preparation to face a national championship that is more prestigious. “New athletes have to improve (their ability). Especially in 2028, West Nusa Tenggara will host the National Sports Week,” he said.

Eko Sutrisno, his Tapak Suci coach, appreciated his students. He admitted that Nuhamdi Said has good potency and has achieved several championships, both local and national competitions. “This year, he has won several championships as UMMAT Student,” he ended.

UMMAT Student Wins Udayana Chancellor Cup Gold

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