UMPO Held Internal Islamic Studies and AIK Program Launching

Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo (UMPO) employees followed internal Islamic studies with Ir Tamhid Masyhudi, the Daily Advisory Board (BPH), on the 4th floor of the Rectorate building Tuesday (22/03). The program conducted by Islamic Da’wa Development Studies (BP3DI) aimed to motivate UMPO employees to always commit to developing the campus. It aimed to create an excellent university and become a reference for other universities.

Ir. Tamhid explained various challenges will be faced in the future; however, on the other hand, there will be ease to overcome them. “In the future, there will be problems and challenges we meet. We have to work hard because there will be a way to overcome it together,” he said.

Along with the agenda, there will be an Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies (AIK) Program Launching, including Islamic Campus and ‘Al-Manar’ LazisMu Office. “Alhamdulillah, per November 2021, UMPO received trust from Lazismu Muhammadiyah Regional Board of Ponorogo to open ‘Al-Manar’ LazisMu Office. I hope it becomes a way to receive Allah’s blessing,” said the Head of BP3DI UMPO. [] CHERD

UMPO Held Internal Islamic Studies and AIK Program Launching

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