UM Sumbar Will Establish Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Barat (UM Sumbar) will establish the new faculty in Payakumbuh. “At first, we initiated the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FKU), but due to moratory, we will establish the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH),” said the Rector of UM Sumbar, Riki Saputra in the Islamic sermon and iftar on the fourth campus in Payakumbuh, Wednesday (27/04).

The Rector also explained that Payakumbuh has potential for educational development besides Padang. On the fourth campus of Koto Nan Ampek Payakumbuh, UM Sumbar has a large area of land, approximately 2 hectares. “For the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, there is only 1 faculty in Sumatera. From 165 higher education institutions, it will also become the first veterinary medicine faculty in Muhammadiyah university,” he said.

Furthermore, the Chairman of Sumbar Province’s Representative Council, Supardi, appreciated UM Sumbar for this intention. In particular, veterinary medicine becomes a Sumbar necessity, not only in Payakumbuh. “Based on cultural and resources perspective, it is representative due to the Sumbar farm center in Luak Limopuluah. Imagine the specific spot that provides farms for 1 ranch, even 300-500 ranch can be managed. That is a big farm,” said Supardi.

Wulan Denura, the Vice-Deputy of Representative Council raised opportunities for the new faculty to develop the city in education and economy in Payakumbuh. “We appreciate UM Sumbar for the possession of this grand building and mosque that can be beneficial for wider communities,” he said.

UM Sumbar Will Establish Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

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