Recently Launched PT Umsida Sinergi Utama Exports 2500 Ornamental Plants

PT Umsida Sinergi Utama was launched in Halal Bihalal (an informal meet-and-greet) between staff, lecturers, and educational personnel of Umsida at KH Ahmad Dahlan Auditorium on the First Campus, Tuesday (10/05). Besides launching this Umsida-owned Enterprise, Umsida exported the first 2500 ornamental plants of Caladiums to Houston, the United States. The establishment of this company that specialized in service and business management was encouraged by the intention to optimize utilizing, managing, and developing various assets, lands, and buildings owned and organized by UM Sidoarjo. It could raise the additional value and higher financial benefits.

Hasan Ubaidillah SE MM, the Director of PT Umsida Sinergi Utama, mentioned the aim of this commercial unit could boost the UM Sidoarjo economy. “I hope it can be the new Umsida economic pillar contributed by UM Sidoarjo to the broader community, especially Sidoarjo people,” he said. A form of economic support by UM Sidoarjo through PT Umsida Sinergi Utama demonstrates the ornamental plants that could improve communities’ income, especially for the underprivileged. “InsyaAllah, Umsida, through garden plant cultivation, becomes one Muhammadiyah Higher Education Institution that concerns about export market and economic development,” he added.

Sidoarjo Regent, Ahmad Muhdlor Ali, appreciated launching the new business unit in UM Sidoarjo. According to him, the establishment can be one solution to expand domestic and abroad markets to promote trade in various ways. “UM Sidoarjo contributes to the rapid development of the economy by targeting the domestic market and export sector,” he said.

Recently Launched PT Umsida Sinergi Utama Exports 2500 Plants

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