UM Surakarta Training Encourages Expanding Preaching In Social Media

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UM Surakarta) held a training for Student Preachers of Muhammadiyah (P3M). The training conducted on the campus aimed to prepare students to preach in the Millennial era, Thursday (28/07). Several delegations from UM Surakarta student organizations in cadre and preaching followed the training. They were from Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM); Muhammadiyah Scout (Hizbul Wathan/HW); Muhammadiyah Martial Arts (Tapak Suci/TS); UKM Namlah (Arabic Debate Club); Ar-Rasail Student Press Institute (LPM); Student Qur’anic Community (MPQ); and Campus Preaching Association and Community Service (LDPM-PM).

The training also invited campus mosque volunteers, including Hj Sudalmiyah Rais mosque and Fadlurrahman mosque volunteers. In his remarks, Dr. Mahasri Shobahiya, M.Ag., the Head of Cadre and Preaching Division explained that every prospective student needed to create an action plan and memorize the Quran on juz 30.

“In the pre-workshop, the participants should write a concrete action plan. Also, they should follow the requirement to memorize juz 30 (minimum) to prepare themselves in communities,” said Mahasri, Friday (29/07).

Furthermore, to strengthen the student preachers’ capabilities, the committee invited Azaki Khoirudin, Ibtimes. id founder and Nabhan Mudrik Alyaum S.Geo, the CEO of Ibtimes. id. They shared materials about Millennial preaching and utilizing social media to preach by delivering good content, well worth seeing, and relevant. The participants also could initiate the certification of renting houses nearby.

“So we can implement the rent house certification to ease parents in searching for a suitable rent house and monitoring their children,” said Mahasri.

UM Surakarta Encourages Student To Expand Preaching In Social Media

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