UAD Webinar of Quantitative Research To Elevate Education Competence

Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) held the qualitative research webinar themed “Short Course Quantitative Research” last Monday (30/08). The activity was conducted by the Guidance and Counselling (BK) study program, the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP). The agenda aimed to improve the competence of lecturers and students to implement quantitative research. The webinar was held offline and online through Zoom and located in Eastparc Hotel.

The Short Course also invited three resource persons to this quantitative research webinar. The first resource person was Sunawan, PhD, the Guidance and Counselling Association Regional Board. The second was Prof Dr Ahmad MPd as the Executive Board of the Guidance and Counselling Association (PB ABKIN). Also, as the third, Dr Fitri Wahyuni MPd as the Guidance and Counselling Association Province Board of Sumatera Selatan (ABKIN Sumsel).

In his remarks, Irvan Budhi Handaka, MPd, the Chief Department of BK, explained the agenda as an effort of BK UAD to elevate the quality and competence in quantitative research. “This study is an interesting topic to discuss. The resource persons are also the experts of quantitative research. Later, there is assistance for the students to improve today’s comprehension,” he said, as reported on the official UAD site.

Dr Dody Hartanto, MPd, the Vice-Dean of FKIP UAD, appreciated the webinar. He mentioned that the webinar was beneficial because several professors were invited to attend and follow along. The professors were Prof Dr Siti Partini Suardiman, SU and Prof Dr Suharsimi Arikunto, MPd. “Professors’ research was ground-breaking in this field,” he said. Afterwards, he said that the agenda was one solution from the Independent Campus Competition Program (PKKM). UAD has 2 study programs passed in the First League, the Guidance and Counselling and Accounting study program. “We expect that shortly, we can improve our competence and strengthen in the education field. In the students’ aspect, the study program attempts to establish the graduates with competitiveness,” he added.

UAD Webinar of Quantitative Research To Elevate Education Competence

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