ITBM Banyuwangi Collaborated with KUB Baruna Jaya To Design Fiber Boat

Muhammadiyah Institute for Technology and Business (ITBM) Banyuwangi and the Joint Business Group (KUB) Baruna Jaya had a collaboration in designing 10 fiber boats for LazisMu East Java. Head of Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) ITBM Banyuwangi, Dr. Ir. Mochamad Asrofi explained the boat type was categorized as the fiber boat. “The fiber boats have several advantages including the light structure and stronger than the boat from the wood, corrosion resistance, and the inexpensive maintenance cost,” he said.

The boat was created from the matrix combination of Polyester resin and the strengthening combination of fiberglass mat and fiberglass woven roving. The total of layers when fabrication was 6 layers and used a hand lay-up method. For the dimension, the boat had 7,3 meters main length, 1,4 meters maximum width, 0,69 meters front height, and 0,5 meters back height. The maximum capacity of the passengers suggested was 7-8 people.

The chairman of the Daily Advisory Board in ITBM Banyuwangi, Musa Al-Hady explained that the fiber boat construction process was not only carried out by the lecturers but also involved the students. “We hoped that the student involvement could improve the soft skill, knowledge, and creativity to prepare for the future. It was in line with the program of the Minister (of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology) about the independent campus,” he said.

Moreover, Zainul Muslimin as the chairman of LazisMu East Java expressed his gratitude and appreciated the collaborative works between ITBM Banyuwangi and KUB Barna Jaya. As per the plan, the boat would be used for tourism and disaster mitigation. The boat, then, would be sent to several parts in Indonesia, including Bawean, Kalimantan, and Buleleng Bali. [] ITBM Banyuwangi / Diktilitbang

ITBM Banyuwangi Collaborated with KUB Baruna Jaya To Design Fiber Boat

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