Campus Tour Of IAIM Sinjai To Introduce Prominent Facilities and Program

Tens of students in twelve-grade of MA (Islamic High School) Darul Hikmah Lenggo-Lenggo, Sinjai Timur visited the Institute for Islamic Studies Muhammadiyah (IAIM) Sinjai, Sultan Hasanuddin street 20 on Thursday (03/02).

They were accompanied by the Bureau of Student Affairs, Badiana MPd and Public Relation Affairs, Fatahillah, SPd to tour the campus and experience the facilities of IAI Muhammadiyah Sinjai.

Badiana explained that this Campus Tour is an evaluation meeting result to socialize the New Student Admission (PMB). “Tens twelve-grade students of MA Darul Hikmah Lenggo-Lenggo become the first visitors in the Campus Tour program. Afterwards, we will continue to give opportunities for students in other schools to visit and directly experience the campus environment in IAI Muhammadiyah Sinjai,” he said.

Moreover, on this occasion, the Bureau of Student Affairs also explained that the Campus Tour program is a breakthrough that has been recommended by campus boards to introduce prominent facilities and programs directly to prospective students.

“I hope that by this program, the great facilities and programs of IAI Muhammadiyah Sinjai can be acknowledged by a lot of students. It also aims to recommend them to pursue a higher education degree in IAIM,” said Badi, who is also a Postgraduate of IAI Muhammadiyah Sinjai alumnus.

Ahli Ihsan, one of the students in MA Darul Hikmah that visited IAIM, admitted he was impressed to directly see the magnificent building of IAIM Sinjai. “IAI Muhammadiyah Sinjai Building is no less impressive than other big campuses because we have captured in the seventh floor of IAIM Sinjai, and we can see Sinjai city in this height,” said Ahli Ihsan. [] IAIM Sinjai / Diktilitbang

IAIM Sinjai Campus Tour To Introduce Facilities and Program

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