UM Sumbar Launched Two Mosques For Disseminating Good Deeds

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Barat (UM Sumbar) officially launched two mosques in the campus area on Wednesday and Thursday (2-3/2). The mosques include the Campus Mosque IV Payakumbuh and Campus Mosque III Bukittinggi. Both mosques are worth six billion rupiahs through the waqf from H Hendri and Hj Asweti. The mosques that were named Al Hidayah have been launched by the Vice-Mayor of Bukittinggi, Marfendi, and the Rector of UM Sumbar, Dr Riki Saputra MA. Prof Dr Shofwan Karim MA and invited guests have also attended the procession.

Dr Riki appreciated the couple who donated their possession to the university. “Thank you for H Hendri and Hj Asweti. I hope that God grant you good health to keep disseminating the good deeds amid the communities,” he said, as reported on the UM Sumbar site.

Afterwards, Dr Riki mentioned the Mosques’ treatment and maintenance becomes a moral responsibility for all academic civitas in UM Sumbar. “We establish the mosques to be a place to worship and serve as religious activities to deal with communities’ problems,” said Dr Riki.

Afterwards, Marfendi performs to cut the ribbon for the mosque launching. He also mentioned that it was the seventh mosque in the Aua Kuniang neighborhood. “I hope UM Sumbar can establish zakat management unit in Al-Hidayah mosque. Later, the mosque management will manage the public funds productively for the community benefits,” he said.

UM Sumbar Launched Two Mosques For Disseminating Good Deeds

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