UMSU Gathering Followed by 200 Outstanding Students

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) organized a gathering on Wednesday (31/08). The gathering invited 200 outstanding students from every faculty. Prof Dr. Agussani MAP, the Rector, accompanied by three Vice-Rectors attended this gathering. It aimed to appreciate the students’ achievements. Not only students, but their supervisors also received appreciation.

The Rector’s gathering with 200 students was placed in the Main Campus Auditorium, UMSU, Muhtar Basri street. Vice Rector I, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arifin; Vice Rector II, Prof. Akrim; and Vice Rector III, Dr. Rudianto followed the gathering with all faculty leaders, and heads of institutions in UMSU.

On this occasion, Prof Dr. Agussani highlighted that the solid synergy from various parties produced varied achievements in numerous competitions. “I am very proud of your achievements. It will also align with the university’s achievement,” he said. Because currently, UMSU develops its accreditation process from ‘A’ to ‘excellent’.

The Rector reminded all parties, lecturers, and students, to be satisfied. The future competition would be tough. The achievement should be appreciated and encourage to reach better achievements. “From years of experience, I wish that it could be adequate preparation to pursue accomplishment,” said Agussani.

Currently, hundreds of UMSU students were involved in various student activities, including 181 students following an independent student exchange program; 1 student following Indonesia International Student Mobility Award; 6 students following Community Service in Universitas Malaysia Perlis; 64 students following exchange students in Independent Learning, Independent Campus program; 74 students following certified internship program; 119 students following certified independent learning; 25 students following an internship in MSMEs; 103 students following Kampus Mengajar program; and 17 students following Forum Human Capital Indonesia (FHCI) internship.

UMSU Gathering Followed by 200 Outstanding Students

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