UMTAS Health Faculty Collaborates with Universiti Sains Malaysia in Joint Supervisor

Universitas Muhammadiyah Tasikmalaya (UMTAS) collaborated with Universiti Sains Malaysia in facilitating its undergraduate students of the Health Faculty (FIKES) UMTAS to finish their final assignments with a joint supervisor. On this occasion, these assignments were assessed by the external supervisors as the joint supervisor from the School of Health Science, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

Five students who were guided by the external supervisor including Syifa Qolbi Hakim who writes her research entitled Factors Influence of Obesity in Children Aged 6-12 Years at SDN 2 Gunungpereng Tasikmalaya City with Asep Setiawan, M.Kep as the first supervisor and Dr. Divya Vanoh as a joint supervisor. The other students, Eva Nurjanah writes Relationship Between Family Support and Compliance with Medication for Tuberculosis Patients in the Purbaratu Community Health Center in 2021 that guides by Aida Sri Rachmawati, M.Kep, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rosminah Mohamed, and Ade Isna Annur Mukarom writes Effect of Tomato Juice on blood pressure in the elderly with hypertension at the Mangkubumi Public Health Center Tasikmalaya City guides by Aida Sri Rachmawati, M.Kep and Dr. Madam Nurzetty Sofia Zainuddin. Dera Trisna Nopianto who raised The Effect of Education on Family Knowledge of People With Mental Disorders in The Work Area of the Public Health Sukaraja District Tasikmalaya Regency guides by Nia Restina, M.Kep Ns Sp Kep and Dr. Rohani Ismail. Lastly, Siska Amalia writes about Phenomenological Study: An Overview of Experiences of Victims of Domestic Violence During Covid-19 Pandemic in Tasikmalaya City that supervises by Nia Restina, M.Kep, Ns. SpKep and Dr Mujahid Bakar.

The guidance activity of these joint supervisors from USM was started in the Even semester of 2021/2022 and ended in August 2022. The joint supervisor program was also bridged by the International Office (KUI) of UMTAS, Aceng Sambas, Ph.D. supported by Miftahul Falah, MSN, and Sulidar Fitri, M.Sc in communicating the program. Dr. Rosminah Mohamed, the USM collaboration coordinator, expected that the collaboration can be continued to provide a positive impact on the students.

UMTAS Health Faculty Collaborates with Universiti Sains Malaysia in Joint Supervisor

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