UNISA Bandung Expert Lecture Encourages Youth Entrepreneurship

Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Bandung (UNISA Bandung) held the expert lecture of Business Management on Friday (01/07). With the theme “Youngpreneur Challenges in Business Era 5.0”. The program was initiated by the collaboration of the Tourism department and International Trade department, the Faculty of Economics, Business, and Social Science (FEBIS) UNISA Bandung. The students of this department attended the Second Campus of Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Bandung , Palasari Street, 9A. They paid attention to Kang Nazar, TOME AME Founder, and Kang Roshid, Badudu.id Founder who delivered their materials. Kang Rivaldi Arissaputra, Ruang Digital Nusantara Founder, led the discussion.

The Chairman of the Tourism department, Winda Gafrilia MM Par mentioned the lecture aims to motivate students. It was expected that when they graduate from the campus, they will not depend on the industrial world, but they also can be entrepreneurs. “So when the students graduate, they not only help themselves but also create job opportunities for others,” she said, as reported on UNISA Bandung site.

Furthermore, the Chairman of the International Trade department, Sarah Sentika SE MSM, explained her expectation to provide information in the business world. “I hope the students will be motivated and implement the experts’ presentations. The students can begin with considering the opportunities and challenges in Era 5.0,” she said. Principally, the program also highlighted the demographic bonus in Indonesia. [] CHERD /Unisa Bandung

UNISA Bandung Expert Lecture Encourages Youth Entrepreneurship

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