Unisa Yogyakarta Conducted The 3rd Graduation Online

Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta (UNISA Yogyakarta) held the 3rd graduation procession online through Zoom Meeting themed “Safe Graduation from Home”, Saturday (13/03). The procession was followed by 216 graduates comprised of the Faculty of Health Science (FIKes), the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), and the Faculty of Economics, Social Science, and Humanity (FEISHum) Unisa Yogyakarta.

Warsiti, SKp MKep SpMat as the Rector of Unisa Yogyakarta prompted the graduates to create achievements with the actual world. The alumni also were demanded to master knowledge, not only the intellectual intelligence and skills but also emotional and spiritual intelligence due to the crucial aspects that should be acquired. “As Unisa Yogyakarta graduates, you have various professional competence in each field which can contribute to the da’wa mandate to disseminate the good deeds (amar ma’ruf) and prevent the bad (nahi munkar) as the Muhammadiyah and ‘Aisyiyah cadres to be a role model and motivating force to create a solution for the nations and ummat (wider community),” said Warsiti.

Dra. Hj. Siti Noordjanah Djohantini, MM MSi also explained that Unisa is one of‘ Aisyiyah universities that have been trusted by the parents as a learning place for their children. “It is undoubtedly thoughtful and assured that Unisa as the institutions to be responsible under the most significant organization in its second centuries,” said the Daily Advisory Board.

Unisa Yogyakarta Conducted The 3rd Graduation Online

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