STKIP MB Opened New Prospective Department For Millenials

Education is a crucial priority to develop Indonesia’s civilization and the wider community. The great education program might be an investment capital in the future. A qualified education can create professional graduates to face the working world. Therefore, higher education is seen as an important thing that should be considered by the students, one of which is the study programs.

Responding to this opportunity, Advanced School of Teacher Training and Education Muhammadiyah Muara Bungo (STKIP MB) officially opened the new study program for the academic year 2021/2022, namely Vocational Education of Culinary Arts (PVSK). The establishment of the vocational program caused the additional number of five total Preeminent Departments in Jambi Province. This new program of STKIP MB becomes the first establishment in Sumatera, besides UNP and Unimet which is the prospective study program for Millenials.

The new study program has been followed up in promotion to various supporting elements and New Student Enrollment in early January. Afterwards, as a commitment of STKIP MB leaders and Muhammadiyah Province Board of Jambi support, the Vice II STKIP MB of Human Resources and Finance, Harkam Tujantri, MKom, and the Daily Advisory Board member and the Secretary of Muhammadiyah Province Board, Agus Setyono, and the Head of Librarian of STKIP MB, Zulmi, visited and coordinated to the Education Office in Jambi Province.

On the visitation to the Education Office of Jambi, STKIP Muhammadiyah Muara Bungo leaders have been directly accepted and welcomed by the Head of Education Office of Jambi, Bukri, the Division Head of Vocational School, Rafles, and the Division Head of Curriculum, Harmonis. The visitation aimed to propose collaborative works and Memorandum of Understanding signing in education with Jambi Government about research, teaching process, and community services which supports the academic program implementation. STKIP MB leaders expected the study program to elevate the contribution to the communities. Moreover, the Vocational Education of Culinary Arts (PVSK)  program was closely related to communities.

STKIP MB Opened New Prospective Department For Millenials

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