UMM PPG Graduates Launches 22 Books

After the Teacher Profession Program (PPG) Department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) has taken the oath for devoting duties, they have arranged a supplementary program for their improvement. Arina Restian SPd MPd, as the person in charge, explained the purpose of the program was to complete graduates’ competence, especially in writing. She also mentioned that obviously, teachers should have good writing competence to produce scientific work. “Not much of educators have this competence, whereas writing should be an important duty they have,” she highlighted.

Arina admitted that the program was started with the idea to persuade and encourage all elements of professional teachers to write and become role models for their students. Twenty-two books from PPG UMM have various themes that have been determined. Besides developing learning media, to strengthen the character and character education were involved in the composition. However, she admitted that writing commitment still became an obstacle in compiling the books.

“Undoubtedly, all agenda meets obstacles, and this book preparation also met once. However, when we have a strong commitment, all obstacles can be manage easier,” said Arina. As reported on the UMM site, one of the writers, Nanang Fauzi, explained that the program has a positive value, especially for the graduates. However, he also found several obstacles in writing, particularly in the reference problem. “For a moment, my writing needs an important reference, but it was hard to find. Besides my writing should be finished, I should deal with the laziness that usually grow,” he said.

UMM PPG Graduates Launches 22 Books

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