UMM Collaboration with Shopee to Encourage Students in Digital Business

The Directorate of Vocational Education and Training of Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) collaborated with Shopee to conduct the “Youth Empowerment” digital business program. On Wednesday (10/03), the collaboration led online and invited several resource persons from Shopee to train the students.

In the beginning, Dr Fauzan MPd, as the Rector of UMM, admitted that the Higher Education institution’s responsibility was not limited to transfer knowledge activity but also foster students to face the challenge after graduation. “One of the purposes is to provide entrepreneurship competence, especially in digital marketing,” he said.

Fauzan also explained that UMM had been devoted to creating a solid entrepreneurship environment. If it was already established, there would be dynamics that are able to overcome the challenges. “The skills can be a long life lesson. It was not limited to marketing techniques and getting the income, but it can create entrepreneur owners,” said Fauzan.

On the same occasion, Monika Viany as the Shopee representative explained that several programs had been prepared, especially in the pandemic period. The Youth Empowerment (Muda Berdaya) program was started in late 2019 when Shopee targeted high school students. “Seeing the great potency from the youth, this year, we ran the program for the college students,” said Monika.

She also expected that the agenda would encourage student motivation to be an entrepreneur to start a business at a very young age and succeed. The following step was to support Indonesia’s economic condition. It was related to the fact that Indonesia has the highest number of e-commerce users. Cited from Global Web Index, in 2019, almost 90 % of internet users between 16-64 years old have already purchased online.

UMM Collaboration with Shopee in Digital Business For Students

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