Bachelor and Profession Program of Medical Science Unismuh Earns ‘A’ Accreditation

The Bachelor and Profession Program of Medical Science in the Medical and Health Sciences Faculty (FKIK) Unismuh Makassar earned Grade ‘A’ Accreditation from the Indonesian Independent Accreditation Agency for Higher Education in Health Science (LAMPTKes). The Accreditation Decree was received from LAMPTKes on Monday (18/04).

The Dean of Medical and Health Science Faculty (FKIK) Unismuh, Prof Suryani As’ad, was grateful for the excellent achievement. Prof Suryani also appreciated Unismuh Boards and all supporting parties. “The Bachelor and Profession Program of Medical Science that achieves ‘A’ accreditation becomes a strong evidence as firm management to conduct educational processes in the department. I hope this achievement can trigger various improvements in optimizing learning quality in FKIK,” said the Professor of Nutrition.

Furthermore, the Rector of Unismuh, Prof Ambo Asse, appreciated the hard work of the Dean of FKIK, the Chairman of the Department, the Task Force Team, and all lecturers. “In the future, we should elevate our services and facilities. The condition of human resources are good, but the number of lecturers that become associate professors and professors should increase. It also can be supported by Emeritus Professors,” said Prof Ambo Asse.

Related to facilities, Unismuh would establish PKU Muhammadiyah Unismuh Hospital on 16 May 2022. “InsyaAllah, the President of Muhammadiyah Central Board, Prof Haedar Nashir, will attend the official establishment of Unismuh Hospital, which will be planned in the groundbreaking of new building of FKIK Unismuh that was designed on 12 floors,” said Prof Ambo.

The Medical Science Faculty of Unismuh Makassar was established in 2008 by the Operational Permit issuance from General Director No 2422/D/T/2008 for Bachelor Degree of Medical Science; and No 2423/D/T/2008 for Profession Program of Medical Science. FKIK had managed five departments comprised the Bachelor program of Medical Science (Accredited A), Profession program of Medical Science (Accredited A), Diploma-III program of Midwifery department (Accredited ‘excellent’), Diploma-III program of Nursing Program (Accredited ‘excellent’), and Bachelor degree of Pharmacy (Accredited B).

Bachelor and Profession Program of Medical Science Unismuh Earn A Accreditation

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