Focus Group Discussion Unimus Empowering Entrepreneurs

The Chemistry and Natural Science Department, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science (FMIPA) Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (Unimus) held a focus group discussion (FGD) for Business Incubator Program. The agenda was conducted for the Independent Campus Competition Program (PKKM) in its second term. The Vice Rector I Unimus, Dr Budi Santosa MSi Med opened the FGD. On this occasion, the Dean of FMIPA, Dr Eny Winaryati MPd; the Head of Chemistry Education, Fitria Fatichatul Hidayah SSi MPd; the Head of Collaboration, Public Relations, and Protocols, and International Affairs (LK3UI), Muh Yusuf Ph.D.; and 22 lecturers of Entrepreneurship from various departments in Unimus also attended. In the FGD, Emir Hartri Putra from Program and Community Lead – Impala Space presented his materials accompanied by Eko Yulianto SPd MPd as moderator on Thursday (14/07). 

When the FGD opened, Vice Rector I, Dr Budi Santosa MSi Med delivered his remarks. According to him, the FGD was important as a medium to strengthen the graduate achievement as entrepreneurs and develop their entrepreneurial skills in Unimus.  “Unimus commits to strengthening students’ entrepreneurial skills. Then, by the similar activities as FGD, the increase of students’ potentials in entrepreneurship will be encapsulated and collaborated,” he said. 

Furthermore, the Committee Chief of FGD, Eko Yunianto mentioned that the FGD becomes a part of the second term of PKKM and becomes an important occasion in developing campus and enhancing graduates’ achievement through the improvement of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in Unimus. In his materials, Emir Hartri Putra explained that it is important to build an internal culture in Unimus, including business competitions, involving business in the curriculum, conducting business workshops, opening office hours, disseminating knowledge from the alumni to the campus entities, and student organization involvement.

Focus Group Discussion Unimus Empowering Entrepreneurs

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