Investment Gallery of Indonesian Stock Exchange, Unisa Bandung Explores International Trade

Universitas ‘Aisyiyah (Unisa) Bandung held an acceleration program for educational achievement about international trade, by opening and launching an Investment Gallery of Indonesian Stock Exchange in the second campus of Unisa Bandung, Jum’at (03/02). The gallery was initiated by the Faculty of Business Economics and Social Science (FEBIS) Unisa Bandung as a breakthrough to bring students and academic civitas exploring international trade. The launching of the Investment Gallery was a collaboration between Unisa Bandung and DX Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI), PT Phintraco Sekuritas, dan Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK).

In his remarks, ‘Aisyiyah Province Board (PWA) West Java, represented by the Vice Chairwomen of PWA West Java, Heni Nur’aeni responded positively to the launching of this Investment Gallery. Similar to Heni, Tia Setiawati, Unisa Bandung Rector also launched the gallery enthusiastically. They agreed that it was an urgent and significant program for students in achieving their knowledge about capital market, investment, and international trade. “The gallery aims to be a student medium to learn, especially for the Unisa Bandung students to know more about the learning practices in interacting in stock exchange and capital market,” she said.

Related to the Investment Gallery, Heni Nur’aeni hoped students can be more active to learn. People also can use the gallery as one medium to improve their interest. “Learning the stock exchange and capital market is important, especially the students in International Trade,” she said.

Besides the launching of this Investment Gallery, Unisa Bandung also organized capital market seminar about ‘Investment vs Recession” that invited Febriyanti Dimaelita, the Capital Market supervisor KR 2 OJK West Java; Sri Herlinawati, Capital Market Consultant of BEI West Java; and Megasari J Putri, Senior Executive Relationship of PT Phintraco Sekuritas. The warm dialog forum led by Sarah Sentika, the Head of International Trade Program (FEBIS) due to actual important issues.

Investment Gallery of Indonesian Stock Exchange, Unisa Bandung Explores International Trade

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