Theater of PIAUD UM Bandung Students Livened Up

Universitas Muhammadiyah Bandung (UM Bandung) held Kid’s Theater in Mini Theater Room of UM Bandung, Saturday (04/02). The program invited all Islamic Early Childhood Education (PIAUD) students. The fifth-semester students demonstrated a theater show with various themes. It became a series of final semester tasks for 73 PIAUD students who followed arts for early childhood class .

The lecturer of arts for early childhood, Lilis Lismarina SPd MPd mentioned that the theater that was lively, delightful, and joyful was a project for children. She explained that the students implemented all materials in arts for early childhood class with face painting  and character outfit. “In this program, they develop creativity and create a lot of interesting and educative stories for children,” she said.

She also said the students on their show implemented varied theatrical properties, including two dimensional and three dimensional. Therefore, Lilis also hoped it can trigger inspiration for students. “I hope this program can inspire them to implement various positive activities for childhood education, especially in arts,” Lilis said.

On the other hand, one of the students, Siti Nur Latifah admitted she was grateful for the final task. She mentioned it as an inspiration for herself and her friends in developing PIAUD teachings. “It is so enjoyable and inspiring for all of us where we can implement other childhood education practices,” she said.

SIti brought various characters in animals, including elephant, lion, turtle, bear, bird, monkey, and many other characters. Siti and her friends prepared their final assignment in two weeks. “We already prepared it for two weeks, including for the property, stories, and others,” she concluded.

Theater of PIAUD UM Bandung Students Livened Up

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