UMG Annual Social Service Program in Islamic Boarding School

Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik (UMG) held a social service program on Sunday (17/07). The program was held through the Student Association for Chemical Engineering Department (HIMATEKIM) UMG. It was located in the Salafiyah Boarding School of Nurul Ulum, Kebomas district, Gresik region, East Java. The program from the Public Relations Department of HIMATEKIM is an annual program. For this year, they raised the theme “To serve with heart, to move with actions”.

On this occasion, several social service programs of UMG have been conducted, including the opening ceremony, Quran recital from the boarding school students, speeches, Islamic sermon “Preparing the afterlife”, discussion on Islamic topic, rewarding to the boarding school students, distributing souvenirs, donation (groceries and cash), taking pictures together and closing ceremony. Twenty students of the Chemical Engineering Department and twenty students of the boarding school followed the program. The Head of the Chemical Engineering department, Zainal Mustakim, S.T., M.Eng delivered his remarks. Also, the Committee of social service program and Salafiyah boarding school leaders delivered their remarks.

“We appreciate all leaders in Salafiyah Boarding School of Nurul Ulum for the opportunities in conducting this annual program. Furthermore, we also appreciate all committees of HIMATEKIM UMG that have organized the agenda to contribute to orphan needs,” Zainal Mustakim said.

The hand-over of groceries from LazisMu UMG donors to the Nurul Ulum boarding school leaders was conducted by Zainal Mustakim, S.T., M.Eng.

UMG Annual Social Service Program in Islamic Boarding School

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