UM Jakarta First Professor Inauguration for Education Faculty

UM Jakarta held an inauguration for the latest professor, Prof Herwina Bahar on Wednesday (29/06). Prof Herwina also delivered her scientific oration on “Integrated Learning Model Based on Asmaul Husna In Strengthening Character Education in Early Childhood”. Prof Herwina also became the first professor in the Faculty of Education, UM Jakarta, through the integration of the learning process based on asmaul husna.

According to her, the learning process of early childhood is important, especially in character education. Therefore, introducing asmaul husna also provides an opportunity for children to comprehend Allah SWT deeper, through His name and God’s nature. “Asmaul Husna becomes the right alternative for the children. It is beneficial for improving their cognitive intelligence through the developed theme and concept. It is also important to inculcate the great values of Allah SWT to rely on religious and moral aspects through spiritual intelligence,” she said.

On this occasion, Prof Herwina theorized that children could easily explore their minds with asmaul husna. Prof Herwina also stated that they could show directly the superiority of Allah SWT’s nature. In children’s daily activities, asmaul husna would be attached to their personalities so children could imitate Allah’s nature. Therefore, automatically, character education in childhood would develop effectively. “It will internalize the children’s personality. So, asmaul husna becomes a basic understanding in developing childhood’s character,” he said.

UM Jakarta First Professor Inauguration for Education Faculty

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