Haedar Nashir Shares Lessons with UMMU Graduates

Universitas Muhammadiyah Maluku Utara (UMMU) is a new hope for education in North Maluku and the nearby islands. The rapid development of UMMU should be continued and elevated. That was a statement from Prof. Haedar Nashir when attending the 25th commencement which was held by UMMU at the Haji Abdullah Tjan Hoatseng Auditorium, Monday (12/12). The Graduation was also held with the inauguration of the Haj Abdullah Tjan Hoatseng Auditorium. The establishment of the new building also received appreciation from Prof Haedar. “We highly appreciate and congratulate the establishment of this magnificent building, and of course, UMMU has undergone an arduous and long struggle,” he explained.

Haedar also reminded UMMU graduates that graduation is not the end of education but the beginning of a journey to practice knowledge. So that after graduating from UMMU, the graduates won’t only get a title, but more than that by becoming intellectual thinkers or ulul albab. “Becoming a scholar who contributes to society, nations and universal humanity in the mission of Wama arsalnaka illa rahmatan lil alamin (a mercy to the worlds),” said Haedar.

The graduates also need to continue improving their knowledge as the integrity of the alumni. He also advised the alumni to maintain the good name of UMMU in particular and the good name of Muhammadiyah as the largest Islamic organization, which not only plays a role in Indonesia but also in the world. “Let’s carry out a role where Muhammadiyah is not only present for Muhammadiyah members, but also society, nation and global interests without discrimination of religion, ethnicity, race, class or even political orientation. From Muhammadiyah to all (communities),” concluded Haedar Nashir.

Haedar Nashir Shares Lessons with UMMU Graduates

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