Uhamka Attempt To Establish Prophetic Teaching University

The Institute for Community Service and Empowerment (LPPM) Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof DR HAMKA (Uhamka) held the National Seminar of the Research Program of Independent Learning Independent Campus and Research and Prototype-based Community Service. Uhamka collaborated with the Directorate General of Higher Education Research and Technology of the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology 2021, on Monday-Tuesday (27-28/12). Located on the 10th Floor of Grand Ballroom, Lorin Hotel, Sentul, Bogor, the agenda was also live broadcasted through Zoom Meeting and the LPPM Uhamka Youtube account.

Prof Dr Gunawan Suryoputro, the Rector of Uhamka, mentioned several main points from the Uhamka vision and mission ahead, including Uhamka’s ideal to be a Prophetic Teaching University. The Prophetic vision has three essential points: transcendental, humanism, and liberation. “When we discuss transcendental, it was related to the Uhamka competency in creating the faithful and devoted graduates,” said Prof Gunawan.

He also realized that in establishing the Prophetic Teaching University, Uhamka should undergo a long process and face crucial challenges ahead. “If it is measured by the academic education aspect, the institutional accreditation should be excellent, and the study program also should have International accreditation. In the following years, Uhamka researches should reach 500 pieces of research. In the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education, to complete the Prophetic indicator, MHEIs should meet the requirement of 35% doctoral lecturers. If we fail to establish it in 4 years, we will fail to be the research university,” he said.

Therefore, he expected that currently, the lecturers should implement their research into the learning process, besides using references in their teaching process. When it was integrated into the Catur Dharma “Four Values” of Muhammadiyah – ‘Aisyiyah Higher Education, the lecturers would gain a theory from the sources. It was developed and researched by the lecturers and students. The result would be applied to the community. “We should integrate the learning process into the research from now on. The lecturers should teach as their concern, but it was integrated with research, and the output can contribute to the broader community,” said Gunawan.

Uhamka Attempt To Establish Prophetic Teaching University

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