Opened by Vice-Governor, 2,377 Freshmen Follows 2022 UMRI Student Orientation

The Universitas Muhammadiyah Riau (UMRI) Campus Hall was filled by 2,377 new students for the 2022 Student Orientation for Campus Life (PKKMB) on Sunday (18/09). The program that raised the theme “Do Your Best, You Are The Best!” was attended by the Vice-Governor of Riau, Brigadier General (Ret.) H Edy Afrizal Natar Nasution SIP.

“Dream big and consider the decision that you choose right now. Do your best to achieve the best thing and the best version of your dreams. It is similar to the current theme, ‘do your best,” Edy Natar said when delivering his remarks in front of UMRI Freshmen.

Edy continued that UMRI students were the chosen ones who have a greater opportunity to improve themselves to support the nations, country, and Riau province, particularly.

Edy also explained that Riau government provides special attention to enhancing the education sector through various scholarships, including Bidikmisi, high achiever students, and financial assistance for underprivileged students. In 2021, the Riau provincial government allocated scholarships for 7,491 students for a total of 88,747,722,000.

“In UMRI, we disbursed our assistance for 748 students, including 310 students who received Bidikmisi scholarship, 346 outstanding students who received the scholarship, and 92 underprivileged students to support the educational sector. By the scholarship program, we hope we can produce competent human resources who can compete globally,” Edy said.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Rector of UMRI, Dr. Saidul Amin, MA; the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Provincial Board, Dr. H Abdul Wahid MUs; ‘Aisyiyah Provincial Board, Dra Hj Syariah MM, the Daily Advisory Board, all academic civitas from the Vice-Rector to the Deans, Director and Head of Institutes, and the Head of Departments. The vice governor and the UMRI Rector officiated with kompang beats (a musical instrument like a tambourine).

“UMRI students should uphold BEST values, including belief, excellence, struggle, and thoughtfulness. You, the millennials, inherited various challenges in the future that should be faced effectively,” Saidul Amin encouraged freshmen.

Furthermore, the Rector of UMRI mentioned 3H values, involving head, to provide the intellectual vision and mission of Muhammadiyah as leaders, heart, have deep faith and ideology as problem solvers, and enlightenment amid community’s problems. Also, hand, to work harder and smarter because faith and ideology without a struggle will be useless/

Saidul also emphasized that in the following year, Umri will accept international students. He mentioned he and the team will communicate with various parties, especially Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia. It means that UMRI will expand in accepting overseas students.

The PKKMB led by Dr. Jufrizal Syahri MSi was followed by two thousand students that passed varied selections from January to September 2022. On this occasion, Vice-Rector III invited all freshmen to be a part of developing our civilization as enlightenment. The opening ceremony was enlivened by the student council speech and several attractions from the Student Activity Unit (UKM), including Mapala, Tapak Suci, Sports Club, and Choir.

Opened by Vice-Governor, 2,377 Freshmen Follows 2022 UMRI Student Orientation

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