UNIMMA Conjoins with Digital Company towards Collaborative Campus

Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang (UNIMMA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate with a digital company on Thursday (09/06). The company called Digital Global Group (DGG), which operates in Canada, the Philippines, Dubai, and Indonesia, focuses on the development of Blockchain, BigData, and Artificial Intelligence. The agreement, which was signed by both parties, was placed in the Auditorium of Health Science faculty, the Second campus of UNIMMA. The Rector, Dr Lilik Andriyani SE MSi signed the MoU. While as the second party, the CEO of DGG, John Zachary, attended to sign.

In the MoU, the collaboration between both parties includes first, both parties will support the implementation of the Independent Campus, Independent Learning (MBKM) program. Second, agree to build a teaching factory. Third, the start-up campus establishment involves the collaboration between industry and education. Fourth, to conduct research, community service, and learning activities. Fifth, the supporting activities that benefit both parties.

Furthermore, the Rector warmly welcomed and stated that UNIMMA would keep collaborating and await the collaboration implementation. “UNIMMA, a prominent campus in Indonesia, positively welcomes all collaboration in education, research, and community service to be a start-up campus and teaching factory,” said Dr Lilik. The signing of the MoU continued with a Public Lecture presentation from the CEO of DGG that raised “Blockchain, BigData, AI for New Era of Technology” in front of all students of Engineering Faculty (FT) UNIMMA. [] CHERD /UNIMMA

UNIMMA Conjoins with Digital Company towards Collaborative Campus

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