Promoting Tolerance on Campus, A Protestant Student Admits Enjoy Studying in UNISA Bandung

Known as Islamic university, Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Bandung (Unisa Bandung) can create high tolerance for the students. One of Unisa Bandung’s students, with the initial D who is a Protestant, admitted that she enjoys studying at Unisa Bandung due to the high religious tolerance and spiritual materials that have various advantages. That was a statement when she joined Baitul Arqam Purna Studi (BAPS) ‘Ideological Training After Studying’ program on the second campus of Unisa Bandung, Monday (22/08).

“I am grateful for no discrimination in Unisa, all guided subjects. Although the studying process is hard, I feel satisfied when I worked in one hospital in Bandung in the spiritual nursing care field. I can feel various advantages even though I am Protestant,” she said.

She also mentioned another reason she decided to study at Unisa. The annual high competency test result in Unisa Bandung brought her in. “One more reason I decided to study in Unisa is the high competency test result every year,” she said.

146 prospective graduates of Unisa Bandung had followed the Ideological Training held on 22-23 Agustus 2022 located in the second campus hall. The committee of BAPS, Susi Indriana, M.IKom, explained that BAPS is one requirement that should be followed by prospective graduates before they graduate.

“The Baitul Arqam aims to reflect the Islamic values from the divine core of Islam, Qur’an, and Sunnah sahih. Apart from that, it also provides materials for the prospective graduates to prepare and build their soft skills in professional and Islamic work behavior in communities, so they are ready to face all transformation and life dynamics in communities,” said Susi.

Susi also mentioned that BAPS has varied materials related to the family with tranquility, the Guidelines in Islamic Life of Muhammadiyah Members to develop the profession, funeral assessment and practice, salat practice, and reciting Qur’an. Moreover, the methods of the program were lecture, assignment, and Forum Group Discussion (FGD).

Promoting Tolerance on Campus, A Protestant Student Admits Enjoy Studying in UNISA Bandung

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