Soft Skill Training of STFM Tangerang Widen Job Opportunities

Sekolah Tinggi Farmasi Muhammadiyah Tangerang (STFM Tangerang) held the soft skill training “ready-to-work” last Thrusday (12/8). The agenda was targeted the final-year students, both in D-III and S-1. However, the participants were also juniors. The Students Affairs collaborated with the Academic Department conducted this agenda to prepare STFM Tangerang graduates to be ready to compete in the working world.

The soft skill training materials were contained a lot of aspects to support the work preparation. It was including the motivation to apply for a job, the tips for applying for a job, CV arrangement, and interpersonal communication (interview). Moreover, there was a job fair from several industries offering jobs to support the training.

The training comprised three sessions and invited speakers experienced in the particular field. The two sessions were the Curriculum Vitae arrangement and public relationship, where Abdul Wahid A.Md. ‘Kang AW’ explained more about the good CV arrangements in the first session. He also shared the tips in job interviews. Meanwhile, the moderator of this first session was La Ode Akbar Rasydy MSi.

In the second session, H Asep Ridrid Karana SH CH explained the way to build relationships and communication with others. Moreover, he also motivated and encouraged the participants with Ariani Apriliani as the moderator guide.

Afterwards, the third session was the information about the job fair. The information invited PT Pharos Indonesia and PT Sumber Indah Lestari (DANDAN). Also, alumni groups provided job fair information. In addition, the broadcast which delivered by Ariadin Nurfi S.Sos, Head of Admission of New Students and Alumni for STFM Tangerang. The agenda was expected to increase the number of graduates who get jobs in the industries, hospitals, and governmental institutions. [] Diktilitbang

Soft Skill Training of STFM Tangerang Widen Job Opportunities

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