UM Palopo Students Followed Formasita Goes To Senayan Season 3

Universitas Muhammadiyah Palopo (UM Palopo) student followed a ceremony to release participants for Tamsil Linrung Aspiration Scholarship Forum (Formasita) Goes to Senayan Season 3 on Monday (10/12). It was located in the Medical Science Faculty Auditorium, Universitas Hasanuddin. The South Sulawesi government, Vice-Rector III Universitas Hasanuddin, Vice-Rector II UNM Makassar, and Vice-Rector II UM Palopo attended the ceremony. In addition, several Boards from various higher education institutions also presented.

In the third season of Formasita, the participants visited Jakarta to join cultural expeditions by visiting other cities, including Bogor, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya. With the theme “Gapura Anak Bangsa” The Arch of Nations, Formasita Season 3 added more programs than two previous seasons. “Formasita Goes To Senayan (FGTS) 3 becomes the most significant programs divided into three clusterization, including organization, education, and Formasita training,” said the Vice-Chairman II of Human Resource Formasita, Muhammad Edwin Ilwas.

Ratna, an English Education department student in UM Palopo followed FGTS 3 for 24 days. The Dean of the Faculty of Teaching Training and Education (FKIP) UM Palopo, Dr Imam Pribadi MPdI appreciated his student’s achievement and had already prepared a credit for Ratna. “The program is a representative medium for the young nations, especially in South Sulawesi to take strategic parts in dynamic national conditions. We reward students that always have positive contributions and maintain a good name in UM Palopo,” said Dr Imam, as reported on UMPalopo.

UM Palopo Student Followed Formasita Goes To Senayan Season 3

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