UMG Management Workshop Emphasizes the Importance of Academic Ranks

Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik (UMG) held a management workshop in Academic Ranks and Lecturers’ Credit System Measurement in Higher Education Service Institute (LLDikti) Regional VII on Monday (17/10). The collaborative program between UMG and LLDikti VII was located in Sang Pencerah Hall. As reported, forty participants followed the workshop.

On this occasion, the Rector of UMG, Nadhirotul Laily, SPsi, MPsi, Psikolog delivered her remarks by welcoming and greeting all participants. She also appreciated LLDikti VII for the trust in UMG to organize the workshop. “It is an important workshop as it can support the improvement of academic ranks for the lecturers,” she said. Besides Monday (17/10), the workshop would be held three times on 20, 24, and 28 October 2022.

“One of the indicators in accreditation is the Academic Ranks of the lecturers. Therefore, we, as the boards, encourage all lecturers to elevate their academic rank as concrete steps to improve the institutional accreditation,” she added.

The workshop was opened online by Prof. Dr. Dra. Dyah, SE, MM, the Head of LLDikti Regional VII through a Zoom Meeting. In the workshop, she also mentioned that the lecturers’ academic position/functional position (Jafa) was an expertise position at various levels, including the lecturer, Assistant Professor – Lower, Assistant Professor – Upper, Associate Professor, and Professor.

On this occasion, the speaker, Prof Dr. Dra Tatik Suryani SPsi, MM presented her materials by highlighting the importance of this academic position of the lecturers. Every lecturer should consider their discipline, teaching subjects, and scientific papers based on their latest field of study.

UMG Management Workshop Emphasizes the Importance of Academic Ranks

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