UMMI Seminar Supports Indonesia To Reach Food Self-Sufficiency

The Agribusiness department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Sukabumi (UMMI) organized a seminar that raised the theme “Optimization of Agriculture Technology towards Granary of the World in 2045”, Tuesday (18/10). The seminar aimed to commemorate National Agriculture Day, World Food Day, and the Agribusiness department anniversary. It was located in UMMI Auditorium.

The Chairman of the Agribusiness Association, Supendi, mentioned the importance of this agenda. “Indonesians quest for food self-sufficiency. It means that the country should secure food sufficiency. In the implementation, we should align with farmers,” he said. He also expected the seminar would raise awareness among the participants about food security issues, especially recently, there were still agricultural problems that could be found.

Furthermore, the Head of the Agribusiness program, Dr. Ema Hilma Meilani SP MP appreciated the committee for organizing the seminar. “Alhamdulillah, Agribusiness contributed to the internal department and its students. I hope we keep innovating to seek the chance. If it is not us, who else can secure Indonesian granaries?,” she said. Besides raising awareness, it also became an institutional purpose in implementing the Four Values ‘Catur Dharma’.

Also attending the seminar, three expert speakers, Dr Tedy Dirhamsyah SP MAB, the Head of Indonesian Industrial and Beverage Crops Research Institute (BALITTRI); Dr Ir Nandang Sunandar MP, the researcher in Institute for Agricultural Technology (BBP2TP), Agriculture Research and Development (Balitbangtan), the Ministry of Agriculture RI; and Dr Reny Sukmawani SP MP, UMMI Agribusiness lecturer.

UMMI Seminar Supports Indonesia To Reach Food Self-Sufficiency

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