UMSU Assembled 112 Principals From Sunggal Branch Office

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) assembled various High/Vocational School principals in Sunggal Branch Office in Gading Hotel, Kwala Simeme street, Deli Tua, Thursday (04/02). The gathering (silaturrahmi) was followed by 112 participants from Private and State High/Vocational School principals.

The Head of Educational Branch Office of Sunggal (Cabang Dinas Pendidikan Sunggal), Muhammad Basir Hasibuan, MPd. On the other hand, the Vice-Rector I, Dr Muhammad Arifin Gulton, SH MHum represented UMSU on this occasion.

Muhammad Basir Hasibuan mentioned that the headmaster should motivate their students to pursue higher education. Besides pursuing higher education, the students should have the competence to work. “If the high school students have an orientation to continue to higher institutions, however, the vocational students prefer to work, although they can pursue higher education,” he said.

In addition, he also mentioned the headmaster who should be creative, innovative, communicative and able to collaborate with the higher education institutions. Because in this era, the students have higher opportunities to pursue higher education. The informational access became easier to gain. So that, the headmasters have asked to disseminate higher institutions information to the students.

“Various students worried about the tuition fees. However, many universities offer scholarships, including UMSU. The higher education institution opens enrollment for various tracks, including students with achievements, invitations, and scholarship tracks. It can be informed for the students,” he said.

Muhammad Basir also asked the principles to elevate the education, not only to study in Bachelor program, but also continue to the Master program. As the Head of Educational Branch Office, he also highlighted that he was ready to provide the most accessible recommendation offer. UMSU can be one recommendation to study because it has an A predicate and has 15 study programs.

UMSU Assembled 112 Principals From Sunggal Branch Office

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