To Celebrate Shawwal, STKIP Muhammadiyah Kuningan Donates To Orphans

The Advanced School of Teaching and Education (STKIP) Muhammadiyah Kuningan held an agenda to welcome the month of Shawwal on Friday (29/04). This STKIP Muh Kuningan ‘s agenda highlighted that Ramadhan would be passed and replaced with Shawwal. The students from Primary School Teacher Study Program Association (HIMA PGSD) organized this agenda. The agenda opened by distributing donations to orphans.

The boards and members of HIMA PGSD also organized iftar together. The agenda was conducted in Jalaksana Village, Jalaksana, Kuningan. It raised the theme “Sharing with Kindness, To Reach Blessing of The Month of Ramadan”.

The Chairman of Orphanage, Rohadi, appreciated the program initiated by HIMA PGSD STKIP Muh Kuningan. “We are thankful to HIMA PGSD that has shared the joy for the beneficiaries. The joy that has been shared with our children, orphans from Jalaksana. Therefore, I hope HIMA PGSD will be rewarded and granted blessings in the Holy month of Ramadan,” he said.

The program was started after Jum’at prayers and continued by an Islamic sermon by Ust. Cecep Sugandi. The donation was given to 15 orphans. Moreover, the agenda was ended by praying to have the blessing from Allah. The attendance also included iftar. Indri Ayu Lestari, the Chairman of HIMA PGSD stated the aims of the program. “It aims to strengthen ukhuwah Islamiyah (Islamic brotherhood) and raise our compassion for others, especially orphans. I hope this agenda can bring the blessing of the Holy month of Ramadan,” she said.

To Welcome Shawwal, STKIP Muh Kuningan Donates To Orphans

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