UNISA Yogyakarta Sends 39 Volunteers To Sardjito Hospital

The Faculty of Health Science (Fikes) Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta sent 39 voluntary health workers to dr. Sardjito Hospital, Sunday (04/07). Suratini, the Vice-Dean II Fikes, explained that the 39 volunteers comprise 32 nursery students and 7 midwifery alumni of Fikes Unisa Yogyakarta. Sardjito Hospital has directly requested Unisa Yogyakarta to send voluntary health workers, including nurses and midwives. “After we received the request, we held internal coordination with the faculty and rectorate leaders. It was decided to support by sending volunteers to Sardjito,” she said. She added the coordination was continued with the Head of Nursery and Midwifery Department offering the qualified prospective nurses and midwifery alumni. They also required the parents’ permission to prepare the voluntary works.

The Vice-Dean III of Student Affair and Collaboration Fikes Unisa Yogyakarta, Wantoro, explained the nursery students who would become volunteers were from the Nursery Profession Program FIkes Unisa Yogyakarta. They have already undergone the clinical practices and will have a competence test next August 2021. Meanwhile, in the midwifery department, four midwives from the Diploma-IV alumni (the three of them graduated in 2020, while one graduated in 2019) and the three midwives from Diploma-III alumni who graduated in 2020. “All of them lived in Yogyakarta and handed their parents’ permission. After the submission, they will have an interview and document submission,” he said.

According to the information, Sardjito Hospital experienced a surge of Covid-19 patients since Friday (02/07). Due to this condition, Sardjito Hospital has opened the donation and volunteer recruitment on Sunday (04/07), which is currently closed. 

UNISA Yogyakarta Sends 39 Volunteers To Sardjito Hospital

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