Welcome Back Convocation of UMY International Community Services

The International Relations (HI) department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) held a welcome home ceremony for the International Community Services (KKN) team in Davao, South Philippines, Thursday (15/09). Twenty-four students who participated in International Community Service received a warm welcome.

In his remarks, Dr. Sugito, S.IP, M.Si, the Head of the HI department, mentioned that the team deserved a high appreciation because they succeeded in conducting their service that also maintain a good name of UMY internationally. “The program is an international program for the students. We hope that you can take various advantages from the program and share the programs that have been arranged for your juniors. I hope the International Community Service program can be continued,” he said.

The Community Service program was conducted for a month in collaboration with the Indonesian Consulate General in Davao, South Philippines. In the realization, the team was divided into several groups and deployed in several parts of the South Philippines. It includes General Santos, Glan, Laensasi, and Davao City. The collaboration resulted in several programs in education, arts, culture, creative economics, and clean water facilities improvement. It aimed to empower the Indonesian diaspora in the Philippines.

Syahpati Alfatrah, the team leader of the International Community Service program, attended the ceremony by mentioning a deep impression for the program. “We can understand the complexity of the Indonesian diaspora in Davao. With the knowledge and skills we have, we can contribute to supporting them, particularly, in education and culture for children and skills for women. We also learn to adapt to our new environment. And, we also need to think creatively to face our problems there,” he concluded.

Welcoming Ceremony of UMY International Community Services

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