School Experience Program for UM Buton Students

Universitas Muhammadiyah Buton (UM Buton) held a training for the first batch of School Experience Program (PLP) Academic Year 2022/2023 on Thursday (15/09). It was located in the UM Buton Convention Center. Specifically, the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) collaborated with the Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI) UM Buton in organizing the program. The Rector, Dr. Wa Ode Alzarliani SP MM opened the training program by delivering her material “Directions and Policies for UM Buton Development”.

According to Dr. Wa Ode Alzarliani, UM Buton should overcome several challenges. “One of our challenges is to prepare for competitiveness in the globalization era. We currently need to elevate our university’s quality and quantity,” she said. She also expected the students to follow the training seriously and carry out the School Experience Program optimally.

In addition, the Rector also prompted the students to be professional teachers. “I hope Allah SWT blesses you all with a strong solidarity and togetherness,” she said.

The Committee Chief of School Experience Program (PLP) 1, Basri, mentioned that 670 FKIP and FAI students follow the first batch of PLP. Later, the program will be conducted for a week, from Monday (19/09) to Saturday (24/09). The students will be deployed in Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School in Baubau. “The PLP is a developed program to allow you to gain classroom experience in elevating the knowledge, building skills, and strengthening behavior through a learning by doing method,” he said. Therefore, all participants who follow the program should play as motivators, facilitators, dynamists, and problem solvers.

School Experience Program for UM Buton Students

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