Unmuha Signed MoU with Aceh Financial and Development Supervisory Board

The Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Aceh (Unmuha), Dr Aslam Nur MA, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Financial and Development Supervisory Board (BPKP) Aceh Representative last Friday (19/11). The agenda was held in the Unmuha Building, Meeting Room of the 2nd Floor Rectorate Building. The Head of BPKP Aceh Representative, Indra Khaira Jaya SE Ak MM CA QIA CGCAE attended with the Chief of Administrative Officer, Hanhan Hudaya Ak MM CA. The Head of General Division, Muklis, and The Sub coordinator of Personnel Affairs, Ari Pradana Putra, also attended the agenda.

The Rector of Unmuha, accompanied by the Vice-Rector I, Dr H Fadhlullah SH MS; the Vice-Rector II, H Almanar SH MH; the Vice-Rector III, Ir H Zardan Araby MT; and the Head of International Affairs and Collaboration, Dr Febyolla Presilawati SE MM. The Deans, the Heads of Bureau, and the Heads of Unit also attended the MoU ceremony. β€œThe essential element in Independent Campus is collaboration to support the learning activities and outside activities,” Dr Aslam said.

Indra Khaira expressed his gratitude and appreciation. β€œAlhamdulillah, I appreciate the collaboration because we are sure that we can not establish everything independently. We need collaboration. Today, we have the same intention to develop a nation, and several sectors in infrastructure and education,” he said as reported on the official Unmuha site.

After the MoU signing ceremony, it was continued by the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) in four faculties, including the Faculties of Economics, Law, Islamic Studies, and Psychology. The Economics Faculty was divided into four study programs, Accounting, Management, Digital Business, and Entrepreneur. InsyaAllah, there would be a new study program, Agribusiness. [] Unmuha / Diktilitbang

Unmuha Signed MoU with Aceh Financial and Development Supervisory Board

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