Qibla Direction Calibration By STIT Muh Banjar Students

Various students from STIT Muhammadiyah Banjar calibrated Qibla Direction in several mosques near the campus by utilizing the rashdul qiblah phenomenon (a moment when the sun is right above Ka’bah). The supervisor from the Islamic Studies department of STIT Muh Banjar, Pandu Pribadi, mentioned that the calibration aimed to ensure the position of Qibla is not displaced. It was from the previous calibration to the exact position of the result. The other purpose is for the students to apply their knowledge to the communities. “Rashdul qiblah happens on 27 and 28 May and will happen again next July. Commonly, people use this phenomenon to straighten out the Qibla direction,” he said.

The calibration used the innovation of a measuring instrument, Mizwala Qibla Finder. The students used mizwala, a stick that will be irradiated by the sun. The shadow from the stick can direct Qibla’s direction. Furthermore, the students also measured to calculate. The agenda was conducted on Friday (27/05) at 12:27 local time.

After the measurement from STIT Muh Banjar students, the result will be gained. The Qibla direction in Banjar is in position 295,06 degrees. It also added information on the distance of Banjar and Ka’bah in 8.139 kilometers through Qibla Tracker. “The process is not difficult because we use the sunlight. Finally, we know the position of Qibla is not displaced,” he said as reported in the Harapan Rakyat.

Qibla Direction Calibration By STIT Muh Banjar Students

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