Prof. Gunawan Suryoputro Reappointed As Uhamka Rector

Prof. Gunawan Suryoputro was officially inaugurated as the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. DR HAMKA (Uhamka) for the upcoming five-year term through the Decree of Muhammadiyah Central Board No. 66/KEP/I.0/D/2023 concerning the appointment of the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. DR Hamka for the term of 2023-2027. The distinguished inauguration was located in the A.R. Fachrudin Hall of Uhamka’s Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Building, Thursday (16/2).

Also attending the inauguration, among others Prof. Abdul Mu’ti, General Secretary of Muhammadiyah Central Leadership; Prof. Chairil Anwar, Vice Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education Research and Development; Prof. Dadang Kahmad, Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Board and its Daily Advisory Board (BPH); Paristiyanti Nurwadani, Head of the Higher Education Service Institution Region III (LLDIKTI) DKI Jakarta; KH. Sun’an Miskan, Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Province Board (PWM) DKI Jakarta; Prof. Johni Najwan, the Executive Board of the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BANPT), all Rectors from various Muhammadiyah Higher Education Institutions as well as Private Universities and State Universities, and Uhamka stakeholders.

Prof Gunawan Suryoputro, has served as Rector of Uhamka since 2018, expressed his gratitude to the Muhammadiyah Central Board and all parties, related to the mandate and responsibility for the Rector of Uhamka in 2023-2027. The relay of struggle that continues to roll from time to time, makes Uhamka more developed. “Uhamka is a Muhammadiyah Educational Service as a collective unity for all intellectuals, who have constructive awareness and high dedication in advancing science, technology, art with the spirit of Islam and Muhammadiyah through four values ‘Catur Dharma’ activities. On behalf Uhamka academic civitas, we express our gratitude and highest appreciation to the lecturers, education personnels, students and stakeholders to create a conducive university atmosphere to implement the four values of Higher Education towards Prophetic Teaching University, “said Prof. Gunawan.

Prof. Gunawan Suryoputro Reappointed As Uhamka Rector
Prof. Gunawan Suryoputro delivered his remarks after the inauguration

In his remarks, Prof. Gunawan added that one of the big challenges faced by Uhamka today is the competition between universities to get new student intakes and graduate outcomes from year to year. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic also contributed to the condition. Furthermore, he said, the university’s progress lays on students who have a high competitiveness in national and international levels. Therefore, Uhamka invites the entire Uhamka academic civitas to jointly evaluate the programs that have been implemented to move forward to be more effective and efficient.

“In the quality of education and students, as the description of the challenges that have been mentioned, we will ensure that Catur Dharma activities and governance improvement will be in line with the quality of student activities. Particularly, we will improve to support student activities from the input to output and outcome, both in achievements and innovation. It becomes our big responsibility; the lecturers, educational personnel and all Uhamka academic civitas. Let me invite you all to elevate the productivity, quality and our service to strengthen our beloved campus’s contribution and reputation,” he said.

Prof. Gunawan Suryoputro Reappointed As Uhamka Rector

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