UMGO Judicium Ceremony Emphasizes Community Services For Benefiting Others

The Faculty of Natural Science and Computer Science (FSIK) UMGO held a judicium for the odd semester of the 2022/2023 academic year. This judicium ceremony marked the conferral of bachelor’s degrees in Computer, Geography, Agribusiness, Animal Husbandry, and Fisheries. On Thursday (16/02), 45 prospective graduates from various study programs attended.

The ceremony started with the opening and reading of the Dean’s decision on the best graduates by the Head of the Aquaculture Study Program, Dewi Shinta Ahmad. The best graduates were Khairul Fathan Habie (Information Systems), Eska Zuhriana Adam (Geography), Idrus Yasin (Agribusiness), Hayati Nur Istiqomah (Animal Husbandry), and Ahmad Ainul Nurkhozi (Aquaculture), each graduated with cum laude.

In her remarks, the Dean of FSIK, Dr. Talha Dangkua, emphasized that judicium was not the end of the struggle, but a new beginning for the graduates. She also encouraged the graduates to be the people who are most beneficial to themselves and others. The Dean also encouraged the graduates to continue their studies to a higher degree and be able to provide jobs in reducing the number of unemployed.

The Rector of UMGO, Prof. Dr. Abd. Kadim Masaong, said that FSIK was the third faculty to carry out the judicium to face undergraduate graduation. He emphasized that GPA is not the main indicator to reach a good achievement, and the knowledge gained was a mandate from Allah to be used for benefiting others.

Prof. Kadim also introduced the UMGO Independent Learning and Independent Campus (MBKM) Dormitory Program as a priority program. He invited all graduates and parents to take advantage of the program.

UMGO Judicium Ceremony Emphasizes Community Services For Benefiting Others

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