STIK MK Alumni Has High Labor Absorption After They Graduate

STIKes Muhammadiyah Kuningan (STIK MK) became one preferred higher education institution in Kuningan. It was demonstrated by the alumni who entered the workforce only 3 months after graduation. That was a statement of Wawang Anwarudin, M.Sc, the Chairman of STIKes Muhammadiyah Kuningan when opening the 2022 Freshmen Orientation (Mastamaba), Monday (05/09).

It was conducted in one week and followed by hundreds of incoming students by raising the theme “To Create Young Intellectuals who have High Moral Standards and Strong Mentality in Independent Learning Independent Campus era”.

In his remarks, Wawang also explained that the new students were not wrong in selecting a study program, both in the Bachelor program and Diploma in STIK MK. He also appreciated the student admission committee for managing the increased number of freshmen. “The current prospective students, alhamdulillah, are numerous. It has not come without our hard work and it can be realized due to the new student admission committee (PMB). Thank you for your hard work, the PMB team, the lecturers, education personnel, and students,” he said.

On the other hand, the Organizing Committee of Mastamaba 2022, Shena Alsadat, highlighted the meaning of the theme that everyone can be a good intellectual. It should be completed with a long-term vision and high moral standards. Also, it has a strong mentality as a foundation to support the learning process in the Independent Learning Independent Campus era. “We hope all participants in Mastamaba can follow all processes in the orientation, so they can understand uni students’ life,” said Shena.

STIK MK Alumni Has High Labor Absorption After They Graduate

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